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Experience + Expertise

We are local agents who are the Silicon Valley area experts in residential real estate. We net you more money for the sale of your home, which is in-part due to extensive experience with both listing and selling homes around Silicon Valley.

Market Preparation Management

We manage any renovations or work that needs to be done to the home prior to being listed on the MLS. If you aren't able to cover renovations, we have a program that allows you to pay at closing.

Exceptional Service to Clients

We go above and beyond for our clients in every way possible. Sellers who have worked with us have been overjoyed by the results we achieved. We invite you to read our online reviews!

A Network of Top Producers

Howard Bloom has been selling residential Real Estate for over 38 years with over 2,000 homes sold over his career. He has a large network of relationships with local top producers, who's networks will also be exposed to your home.

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Jonathan Klotz & Howard Bloom

What do our clients say?

Jonathan provided exemplary service to my fiancé and I while we were considering  putting our townhouse on the market.

We met Jonathan during an open house for another unit in our complex and were extremely impressed by his non-salesman demeanor and his calming presence.

Jonathan was knowledgeable, responsive and went above and beyond to not only to connect us with Mr. Howard Bloom to assist with our sale, Jonathan assured us that he would assist us in finding an apartment that would fit our needs in a very short turnaround time, and he did!

We sold our home within 10 days of our first conversation with Jonathan and we found our new apartment within 2 weeks after the sale.

If you want a person to look out for your best interest and turn a high stress process into an easy, enjoyable one, I highly recommend giving Jonathan a call!

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posted by Rhonda
Mountain View, CA → Sunnyvale, CA
review source: yelp.com

We had a great experience selling our home in Mountain View through Howard.

This was a townhouse we had actually bought through him (Howard) some 20 years ago, we contacted him again and I'm glad we went in that direction. He is the full package, knows everything and everyone in the business and helped us every step of the way.

For example: I didn't believe it was necessary, but his advice in staging made a complete difference in selling the home. The result was just gorgeous for potential buyers to see (we wanted to come back and live again in the place once we saw the result), and the home sold at least 100k above recent homes sold in our complex. He only works with the best people and will give you great advice (...if you listen).

When it came to pricing the home, his comments were to the point and I didn't feel like he was just trying to sell it quickly and get to the next sale. He always said it was my decision, and that's how it worked out in the end. He also helped us in the next step of buying a new home.

I was a extremely worried, fearing we'd not be able to afford a new home in this crazy wacky bay area seller's market. We just bought our new home in Santa Cruz through an agent from his office, Jonathan Klotz, and now I'm close to the ocean, just like how I grew up, and can decide if I want to go surfing in the morning or the in the afternoon.

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posted by Celso
Mountain View, CA → Santa Cruz, CA
review source: yelp.com

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