Home Buyer's Guide to Using RealScout

5 steps to understanding your RealScout platform

Please review this guide and complete each step. This will help me better identify potential homes for you in the initial phases of your home search.

> > Home Buyers, the premium home search portal RealScout is available on Android and iPhone. This is an app for today's home buyer that acts as a portal to view/save homes, collaborate and see nearby homes... if enabled in settings. Once you download the app, text me for the access code. This is a premium app with exclusive access.

# 1 |  Let's begin! First, please watch this quick video, Interested Vs Uninterested Properties

# 2 | Next. Please watch 1 minute video on showing interest in homes on RealScout

# 3 | Lastly. Will you watch this 1.5 minute video on comparing homes? ...Yes? Thank you.